My name is Parwin Poiesz, I was born in Tehran and have lived in the Netherlands since I was six years old. I started painting at age seven, and since 2020 I have had my own studio in Amsterdam.

My passion for experimenting with colors began at a very young age and I have never stopped learning and experimenting since then. My personal inspirations are Persian and Oriental art influences. But I also have a special connection with the four natural elements. I am always looking for the traces these elements leave in my daily life.

With my art I want to convey a feeling, tell my story, fantasize, travel, come home and experience neither beginning nor end. I have not been everywhere, but as a dreamer, I take the freedom to fantasize about certain places and shape it into my art. I paint boundlessly a world where I want to be

If you look at my work, you will notice that I work with striking colors and patterns. I mainly focus on making abstract art that has a lot of movement in it. My acrylic paintings are built layer upon layer, because acrylic paint dries fairly quickly and this paint creates depth through its many layers.

In addition to being a painter, I also work as a playwright and actress. My goal as a playwrightand actress is To tell stories and connect people. I think art is for everyone, and I want to getting people excited about art. But I also want to leave an impression. Through my art, I want to encourage people to think about the connection between humans and nature.

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please feel free to contact me. I also create commissioned work.